NIEF SAML IDP Profile, v1.0

Profile of minimum protocol-level interoperability, attribute, and security requirements for NIEF SAML Identity Providers.
Publication Date 2021-06-25
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TD_FederatedICAMEndpointCryptographicRequirements and TD_SAMLIDPRequirementsBasic and TD_SAMLIDPRequirementsAttributes

References (3)

 TD  Federated ICAM Endpoint Cryptographic Requirements, v1.0
Description The cryptographic requirements for system endpoints deployed for use by NIEF trusted partners.
ID TD_FederatedICAMEndpointCryptographicRequirements
Provider Reference
 TD  SAML IDP Requirements - Basic, v1.0
Description The requirements for achieving basic SAML interoperability when implementing an Identity Provider.
ID TD_SAMLIDPRequirementsBasic
Provider Reference
 TD  SAML IDP Requirements - Attributes, v1.0
Description The attribute requirements for achieving basic SAML interoperability when implementing an Identity Provider.
ID TD_SAMLIDPRequirementsAttributes
Provider Reference

Sources (1)

NIEF NIEF Technical Guidance

Terms (3)

Term Name Abbreviations Definition
Identity Provider IDP, IdP A software entity that performs user authentication each time an individual presents themselves to a federated identity trust framework or issues user assertions about the individual for a given information technology session. An identity provider is the Federated ICAM counterpart to a service provider.
National Identity Exchange Federation NIEF National law enforcement and public safety information sharing trust framework.
Security Assertion Markup Language SAML A set of eXtensible Markup Language (XML) data structures and messaging protocols designed to enable single sign-on between system entities.
Also available as XML or JSON