NIEF Attribute - Identity Assurance Level, v1.0

Profile for proper assertion of the NIEF Identity Assurance Level user attribute as defined by the NIEF Attribute Registry. See
Publication Date 2021-09-01
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Trust Expression:

TD_NIEFAssuranceLevelAttribute and contains(TD_NIEFAssuranceLevelAttribute.AttributesSupported,"")

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 TD  NIEF Assurance Level Attribute, v1.0
Description Specifies requirements for Identity Provider Organizations (IDPOs) that wish to assert National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF) Federated ICAM assurance level attributes - specifically, Authenticator Assurance Level (AAL), Identity Assurance Level (IAL), and Federation Assurance Level (FAL) - on behalf of their users. Can also be used with other legacy NIEF assurance level attributes that pre-date the establishment of the current NIEF AAL, IAL, and FAL attributes.
ID TD_NIEFAssuranceLevelAttribute
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Terms (5)

Term Name Abbreviations Definition
Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management GFIPM An applied research program in federated identity and credential management that was initiated in 2005 as part of the Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. The GFIPM program sought to develop secure, scalable, and cost-effective technologies for information sharing within the law enforcement and criminal justice communities.
Identity Provider IDP A software entity that performs user authentication each time an individual presents themselves to a federated identity trust framework or issues user assertions about the individual for a given information technology session. These user assertions are presented to systems deployed by Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) in a federated identity trust framework for the purposes of access control and audit.
Identity Provider Organization IDPO An organization that vets individuals, collects attributes about these individuals, and maintains those attributes in an accurate manner. The IDPO may operate one or more Identity Provider (IDP) systems in a federated identity trust framework.
National Identity Exchange Federation NIEF A collection of agencies in the U.S. that have come together to share sensitive law enforcement information.
NIEF Attribute Registry A collection of attribute definitions that are intended for use by organizations and communities that wish to implement Federated Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) technologies within the context of the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF).
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