NIEF Public Safety Officer Indicator Attribute, v1.0

Specifies requirements for Identity Provider Organizations (IDPOs) that wish to assert the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF) Public Safety Officer (PSO) Indicator attribute on behalf of their users.

Assessment Steps (2)

Usage (Usage)
Does the organization correctly assert the PSO attribute in accordance with the established attribute format rules for the Federated ICAM protocol(s) and conformance or interoperability profile(s) that it uses? Also, does the asserted attribute name align with the attribute definition provided in the NIEF Attribute Registry? See
Provide a sample of a technical protocol assertion (e.g., JSON, XML, SAML, OIDC, etc.) correctly using this attribute.
Provenance (Provenance)
Does the organization assert the PSO attribute appropriately? Provide details on how the organization asserts this attribute in a manner that aligns with the requirements as per the attribute's definition.
PSO Users
Provide details on the users for whom PSO is asserted and provide clarity on the types of public safety officers this organization supports.

Conformance Criteria (1)

Attribute Validity
When asserting the NIEF Public Safety Officer (PSO) Indicator on behalf of a user, an IDPO or APO shall assert the attribute name correctly, in accordance with the attribute definition as stipulated at In addition, an IDPO or APO shall assert a PSO Indicator value of 'true' for a user only if the user is authorized to act in a role pursuant to the safety and welfare of the public within a government jurisdiction. This may include firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), hazardous materials (HAZMAT) cleanup specialists, etc.